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We offer a selection of products and services for your water needs.

Sale of Water Bottles

We exclusively sell Amaro bottled water, spring water of exceptional quality! Available in two versions: natural spring water and demineralized spring water.

Natural Spring Water

Amaro spring water is untreated - pure water in its natural state. We sell the following container sizes:

  • 18L
  • 11L
  • 4L
  • 1L
  • 500mL (available in 12 packs)
  • and more
produit eau source naturelle amaro natural spring water

Demineralized Spring Water

Amaro spring water whose minerals have been removed almost entirely by a specialized filtration process. Available in the following container sizes:

  • 18L
  • 4L



produit eau demineralisee amaro demineralized water

Spring Water Delivery Service

Interested in having water delivered right to your door? It's possible! Contact us for more information.





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Water Coolers

We sell water coolers as well as accessories and replacement parts. We also offer cleaning and repair services for your water cooler.

Sale of Water Coolers and Accessories

We sell water coolers that have been manufactured right here in Québec. A full range of accessories are also available for sale.

Sale of Replacement Parts and Repair Services

We can repair the cooling system of your water cooler, and we can also sell you replacement parts.

Water Cooler Cleaning Services

Bring your water cooler to our store and we will clean the entire water cooler system. Contact us for more information.